Our beginner Dj package is the perfect way to get you started on your journey to becoming Dj. We will teach you the core skills every Dj needs to master and have you mixing in no time.

Pre-requisites: None
One to one

• Introduction to Dj equipment
• Learn how to connect equipment
• Fade Mixing
• Setting a cue point
• Counting beats and bars
• Beat-Matching basics
• How to detect BPM/Tempo
• Understanding the structure of dance music
• Beat matching different tracks
• Using basic EQ controls
• Loops & Hot Cues

Exclusive private access to your member page on to download music playlist and watch video tutorial.

10 hours + 2 hours free practice
7000 HKD

Beginner DJ equipment
available for rent
(Inquire for further details)


Our Intermediate Dj package will teach you to become a creative and confident Dj. You will learn how to use effects and techniques that will help you to create an original Dj mix.

Pre-requisites: Beginner
One to one

• Creating Hot Cue’s
• Using loops to create build up effects
• Using the mixer’s ‘effects
• Using the Pad : effect, loop & beatjump
• Transitions between different genres using effects
• Advance mix transition
• Dynamique mixing
• Create and export your playlist
• Record your own demo mix
• Export on your USB

5 hours + 2 hours free practice

4000 HKD


Our advanced Dj package will guide to fully explore the possibilities of your dj equipment. This  course will take any DJ from being able to mix to a Dj that stands out from the crowd.

Pre-requisites: Intermediate or above
One to one

• Dj tools track
• Harmonic Mixing
• Use acapella to create live remixes
• Create Mashups
• Using the sampler to create live edit
• Create your own samples for use in mixes
• Plan and perform a DJ set
• Develop your music style
• Upload your mix on streaming platforms
• Create your dj profile on the market

5 hours + 2 hours free practice
5000 HKD

If you subscribe to a package you will have access to your private page on our site, where you can download playlists and watch tutorial videos.



To help you choose your perfect plan, we're offering you a 60-minute introduction course at just 300 HKD to show you just how much you're going to love this.