Intro on Music Production


This course will give you a thorough grounding on the essentials of music production. If you are committed to becoming a producer or sound engineer, then it is crucial to master these basic skills to ensure your future success.

  • Ableton Live Overview
  • Making Beats with Ableton
  • Clips, Scenes & Loops
  • Basic Music Theory
  • Recording Audio 
  • Manipulating Audio
  • Synthesizers
  • Sampling
  • Mixing
  • Audio Effects and Controllers
  • Arranging Your Track
  • Mixdown and Final Test

Music Composition

This course will teach you how to create a song and spin it into a polished and dynamic track. Your focus will shift between the technical and musical elements to grasp a deeper understanding in the basics of music composition.

If you plan on pursuing a career in music production, mastering these skills in music theory, composition and arrangement techniques will be crucial.


  • Songs & Songwriting
  • Copyright & Publishing
  • Harmony
  • Lyrics
  • Rhythm & Time
  • Basslines
  • Riffs & Melody
  • Hooks
  • Structure & Arrangement
  • Vocals & Collaboration
  • Creative Tactics & Workflow
  • Finishing Tracks


Sometimes, we can write a tune, and might have all the right elements for success but simply isn't well-mixed enough to shape up to the stuff we're hearing on the radio, Spotify, YouTube or in clubs. In this course, we will take you through the entire mixing process from start to finish so you'll learn how to create polished, professional and punchy tracks.

  • Intro: The Environment
  • Separation in the Mix
  • All About Compression
  • Noise Gate & Reverb
  • The Delay Family
  • Mixing Vocals
  • Group Mixing (Mix Process)
  • Creativity with Audio
  • DIY Mastering
  • EQ, Compression
  • Limiter, Dithering
  • Hardware/Plug ins



The mastering course is an excellent package for more advanced producers. You will learn to develop/tune your ears, further explore techniques in mastering EQ, compression, limiting, mid/side processing and more. To meet the entry requirements you will need to have already completed the Audiomeleon Music Composition & Mixing modules.

  • What Is Mastering?
  • Digital Theory
  • EQ
  • Compression
  • Practical Dynamics
  • Mastering Different Styles
  • Advanced Techniques: Mid/Side
  • Multi Band Compression
  • Working on Albums, Compilations
  • Editing: Fades, Cross-Fades, Gaps
  • Level & Tonal Coherence
  • Preparing Master for Pressing Plant

9 000 HKD
10 hours

9 000 HKD
10 hours

9 000 HKD
10 hours

9 000 HKD
10 hours